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About Me

Welcome to Remember Breathwork. My name is Derek Grossi, and I welcome you to your transformation. Each individual is their own own healer. Our breath is the most accessible point for journeying deeply inward for expansion to remember and release old rhythms and habits that we're ready to alchemize. It's also the most effective modality to move and circulate energy and master our emotional state.

I am an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Certified practitioner, a Kriya Yoga initiate, and a dedicated explorer of ancient wisdom traditions. Over the past six years, I have immersed myself in the deep study of shamanic planet medicines, delving into the mystical realms of the sacred valley and the enchanting Amazon rainforest of Peru.

I am continuously expanding my knowledge and skills, and am currently engaged in the profound disciplines of Pranayama, Tantra, Taoist Chi, and Magickal Breathwork Rituals. With a passion for guiding others on their spiritual journey, I am here to offer you an experience that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit while setting an intimate space for you to awaken and empower your inner healer.

Derek Grossi



Remember Ceremonies

Experience the extraordinary and immerse yourself in the world of Breath-work ceremonies. Step into a realm of profound connection, self-discovery, and personal transformation. These ceremonies are designed to tap into the limitless potential of the nervous system. Discover the incredible ability of your breath to unlock your potential, let go of past traumas, embrace your own heart, and cultivate resilience. Whether you're seeking to expand your limits, improve your well-being, or simply reconnect with your true self, Remember Breath-work ceremonies offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling alive.

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Breathing Techniques

Discover how controlled breathing patterns can optimize your focus, increase your energy levels, and enhance your overall performance. Experience the transformative power of breath work as you learn to regulate your nervous system, reduce stress, and achieve peak mental and physical states. Through intentional breathing practices, you can tap into the innate wisdom of your body, unravel deep-seated emotional patterns, and facilitate healing on a profound level.

Mystical Breathing Rituals

Supercharge the intentions for you life with mystical practices that you will hone, grow, and bring forth that which you are desiring. Unlock the mystical realm of breathing rituals and harness the profound power of manifestation in your everyday life. These sacred practices offer a gateway to aligning with the co-creation of the universe and manifesting your deepest desires. Dive into the depths of your being with mystical practices that are thousands of years old and are still used today in many mystic traditions.